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Clean Commodities Corp. – Ready to fly

Clean Commodities Corp. , TSXV: $CLE, is a Canadian resource company with mining activities related to commodities such as lithium, cobalt, uranium, and zeolites.

This stock is not for the faint-hearted but only for the bravest investors as it is making large price swings and does not provide for low risk stop orders. It is better played with a buy and hold approach while trying to optimize the price of entry.

The configuration is pretty neat and clear as it shows a typical breakout-and-retest pattern of the 0.05 CAD/Share trend line.

It recently made another breakout of a descending trend line that intercepted the price at 0.075 CAD/Share with a massive volume increase. Probably have all the buy-entry and take-profit orders in the CAD 0.075 to CAD 0.15 area been executed.

The sky may have been cleared for a potential move back up to CAD 0.150 and to take out the previous CAD 0.170 top.

The stock has yet to confirm it may have entered into a Weinstein Stage II bull market.

– Speculative buy (do not risk more than you can afford to loose)
– Hold position for the long term
– Stop loss: close position if price closes below 0.05 CAD (potential loss of ca. 50%)

Disclosure: I am long CLE at an average price of 0.100 CAD/share (shares purchased at CAD 0.105 in July 2016 and CAD 0.07 in July 2017).


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