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Weekly Breakout Candidates – HMNY, NTEC, SYT

To follow-up on last week first edition of the Weekly Breakout Candidates this new edition of stocks selected from the NYSE and NASDAQ markets is fairly narrow and comprises:


Same criterias apply as last week: positive or rising relative strength, significant volumes of exchange, positive long term trend (as identified by the 30-week moving average), and a potential or realized breakout on the price chart.


HELIOS AND MATHESON ANALYTICS (NASDAQ: $HMNY) is an IT Service company providing Big Data analytics and data vizualization services.

Due to low volumes of exchange that preceded the breakout that took place in May 2016 it may not be completely obvious to take position on this stock. Any large order can potentially induce large price fluctuations.

The breakout and retest pattern associated with rising volumes and a positive relative strength are favorable conditions for a bull trend set-up.

– Buy as close as possible to the moving average (ca. $2.82), prefereably with a limit order.
– Stop loss if stock price closes below $2 (no stop loss should be placed on the market due to the risk of a temporary lower spike).
– Hold and surf the trend.


INTEC PHARMA (NASDAQ: $NTEC) is a drug development company, applying its innovative proprietary gastric retention technology to develop improved formulations of drugs.

There is not so much of a long term stock price history and therefore potential investors in the company must satisfy themselves with limited technical factors, which appear to be a realized breakout with significant rising volumes and relative strength. As in case of HMNY here above buyers of the stock may be exposed to large spikes and price fluctuations.

– Buy below $7.
– Stop loss if close below previous low at $4.8 (no live market order).
– Hold and wait for higher prices.


SYNGENTA (NYSE: $SYT) is a global agribusiness company that produces agrochemicals and seeds.

Obviously this is a long term momentum stock with strong positive indicators and it just broke out above another resistance line. There is no sign of trend weakening and a breakout above the previous top should reinstigate the bull trend towards at least the top of the yearly channel.

– Accumulate at the present price level.
– Stop loss just below $85

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  1. Syngenta is being delisted. We will now close the position to remove it from the portfolio.

    Syngenta weekly price chart



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