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Follow-up on offered strategies

Follow-up On Offered Strategies

Everything on this blog is FREE and should stay so. For the sake of transparency and clarity we will strive to progressively improve the way the follow-up is done.

Investment and trading strategies and recommendation are made for various asset classes such as stocks, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious and energy metals, etc.

Our intention is to propose a crystal clear assessment. In order to do so every recommendation should be considered to be part of a virtual C.A.T. portfolio as soon as the conditions to open a position have been fulfilled.

This may prove challenging as our own investments and trades have a different history and are different or possibly higher frequency than what is offered on the present blog or that we do not invest in everything that is offered (which is mostly the case).

Stocks Strategies

Let’s first take a look at the stocks strategies that have been proposed since the opening of C.A.T. (forex, cryptocurrencies and others should follow soon):


Stocks strategies until 11 Sep 2017, nr: not relevant, nd: not defined.

By making this review we realized that there have been some errors (such a wrong breakout level) that are corrected in the original articles and whenever spotted any correction will be highlighted.

In some cases the analysis is not associated with a corresponding strategy to buy or sell and it should stay so, in which case the columns with the labels ‘Position’ and ‘Open at’ are marked with “none”.

All the fine details and sometimes subtle conditions (e.g. “this stock needs to make a ‘decisive’ breakout above $xx with increasing volumes”)  can not be precisely mentioned so that many prices are rounded or sometimes a condition is fulfilled but no position is opened, or a comment is added to the corresponding cell in the table.

We follow up on various trades and positions via our twitter feed and will progressively add any relevant link in the table. Also stop-orders should be moved (up or down) at regular intervals and positions closed whenever a target is reached and all of this will typically be done via Twitter. So stay tuned with us there.

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