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DASH taking cryptocurrencies’ leadership

DASH now outperforms his peers

1. DASH vs. MONERO in a broad trading range

DASH compared to MONERO trades in a very broad range.
We should expect the price ratio to move up to reach upper range boundary towards 5.8.



2. DASH compared to ETHEREUM inside a rising wedge

DASH compared to ETHEREUM trades inside a rising wedge.
The price ratio has been efficiently supported on the rising support (blue line) and should now be heading towards the rising resistance (red line).



3. DASH compared to BITCOIN towards previous price record

The technical picture of the DASH vs. BITCOIN price ratio is very clear as it should move towards the previous price record at 0.95.
It remains to be seen if the price ratio can break above this level but this possibility is absolutely not excluded; we will update later on the scenario when level has been reached.



DASH in USD inside a very broad price pennant

The DASH price chart shows how the price is making very large swings inside a very broad pennant and it should swiftly move towards the upper boundary of the technical pattern.
From that level some minor correcting move should be expected for the least before a possible breakout that could unleash a very strong bullish potential.




Between the time the graphs were captured and the time this post was issued the price of DASH has already broken above $350.
It is a good idea to buy it from there to ride the uptrend with a stop-loss below today’s candle’s low ($359.8).
Stop-loss should then be moved to breakeven as soon as DASH’s price has moved up by a decent amount.

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  1. As published on Twitter DASH price has reached upper volatility band at $370 short of proposed $380 target. Clever investors would have closed position on that level, others would have move the stop-loss to breakeven as should have been done after the sizable move above $360. For now it remains to be seen if price will bounce on broken trendline or will revert lower.

    DASH price target reached.


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