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Long Opportunities – A few Winners

List of Long Opportunities

The following table summarizes the situation of all long opportunities since the inception of the C.A.T. web site. Several trades are on hold as the buy criteria has not yet been triggered and we cancelled a few others for various reasons.

Fourteen positions should be open in this virtual portfolio with a few of them that have already delivered an amazing performance considering the short period of time since inception of our weekly breakout strategies some six weeks ago.


Securities Buy Recommendations

Let us now review some of these winners. On the graphs presented the entry price is highlighted with a blue line and the stop loss level with a red line.

Amazing Winners

Helios & Matheson Analytics

Helios & Matheson Analytics is undoubtedly the best of our ideas as we suggested to go long should the stock price move back to $2.82 and from there it should engage into a massive uptrend, and this is exactly what happened. By the weekly close this $HMNY trade has a performance of 450% with a closing price of $12.69. On the short term the bull run looks overextended and some period of consolidation should be expected before the uptrend resumes. The stop loss can now be move to breakeven or even higher to lock in some profits just in case.


HMNY bull run

Intec Pharma

Intec Pharma has broken above a critical resistance line a few weeks back and therefore a long position could have been opened by the open of the following week, from which level it moved swiftly higher. By the weekly close this $NTEC trade has a performance of 37%.


Intec Pharma breaking out to new highs

Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics was suggested as a long trade when a second retest of the rising support line occurred following the initial breakout from the price foundation above the horizontal resistance line. This was the right timing to buy at the open of the following weekly period at ca. $37. Since then $MZOR price has now moved up to above $49 by the weekly close, which amounts to a performance of 31%.


Mazor Robotics rising upon trendline.

Build Your Dreams

Build Your Dreams stock price has gaped above the upper triangle boundary, which was also the buy trigger at a price of $15.61, and it rallied over the following two weeks. By the weekly close the $BYDDY trade demonstrates a 21% performance.


Build Your Dreams gapping higher

Investment Strategy

From the fourteen long positions now open the above review shows that four trades (almost one in three) have a performance of at least 21% up to 450% in just a few weeks time.

Such results should not surprise as the configurations presented here above were carefully selected and they have the potential to become super-winners on the medium to long term and to reach multiples of the yet achieved performance.

Even if some other long positions end up turning sour or being stopped out, the overall results should bring massive capital gains.

It suffices for a carefully constructed portfolio to have a very few super winners with a performance of a few hundred percent to turn a moderate capital investment into a substantial amount of wealth and this is what we are striving for.

What’s Next?

Editas Medicine

The table shows that there is an actionable trade on Editas Medicine. We suggest to open a long $EDIT position by the weekly open as the stock price decisively broke above  the descending resistance line.


Editas breaking out and good to buy now

More Weekly Breakout Candidates

Last week no single valuable configuration was spotted and it is good so as there may no be an infinite number of positive configuration and potential market winners.

This week’s screening is now in progress and we hope to come very soon with a few more proposals if any positive configuration is spotted.

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    1. Will make an evaluation for you over the weekend.

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