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Update on Long Portfolio for Week Ending October 27th 2017

Update on Long Portfolio

We update our virtual portfolio with comments on significant moves and new entries.  Stock prices and portfolio performance will be updated in a later update.

Weakly Breakout Candidates – Follow-up

From the Weekly Breakout Candidates watch list:

  • $AKRX and $LIXXF have still not reached the proposed breakout level.
  • Following their major weekly breakouts $INSM and $MYOK are still hovering above the proposed limit buying price level.
  • $NNOMF is now entering into the portfolio and for the sake of fairness we will consider the weekly opening price on Oct 30th as the price at which the stock will be bought provided it is inside the less than 0.8 USD/Share.

Nano One Materials Corp. – Weekly Price Chart

Newly Proposed Portfolio Candidates

  • One newly proposed portfolio component is now part of it. TSX-V: $QMC, which we proposed to buy on a pullback at $0.35 on Oct 18th effectively tested the $0.35 level several times on Oct. 19th, 20th and 27th. Limit buy orders placed at this level should now have been executed.  The extreme increase in buying volumes is a very positive development and despite the risk of a short term pull back this position now appears very promising for the long term.

QMC breaking out from $0.35 level with massive volumes

  • One additional candidate has gaped above the proposed limit price. $KALV is therefore not yet in the portfolio and it is suggested to keep a limit price buy order  at $11.5 as the heavy buying volumes and the Relative Strength that is now turning positive are very enticing.

Heavy weekly buying volumes for KALVISTA

Previous Portfolio Comprised of 22 Components

Major evolution in the previous portfolio comprised of 22 components:

  • $ADI, $BERY,  $DJIFF, $MZOR have moved up decently, while $WWE ripped higher following recent positive results and news.

WWE ripping higher on weekly price chart

  • $BVN, $BYDDF, $NTEC, $IFF, $MON, $OLN are consolidation their recent advance above the buying price.
  • $CCU, $KURA, $MMI, $SHI, $SYT, $YELP are still close to their respective buying price
  • $AUPH, $EDIT are consolidating below our entry price but still above the proposed stop level.

AUPH weekly price chart – Consolidation below buying price


EDIT weekly price chart – Consolidation below buying price

A Very Special Case

  • $HMNY is a special case as we mentioned several times here, here and here via Twitter it was going to consolidate and sent a live-alert on Oct 9th that we had exited our long position (actually at $18.65) halfway from the buying level of $2.82 to the price record at $38.86. For the sake of investment we do consider the position is maintained in the virtual portfolio, but in practice the position should have been exited and the conditions for a new entry are now being closely followed. We do believe $7 may be a decent level to start buying the stock again althouhg it could even move back to the $5 level.

HMNY, Looking to buy again lower



  1. Syngenta position has been closed as mentioned on twitter since it is goinng to be delisted. The closing price is $92.25, the price of the open on 3 Nov 2017.

  2. KALVISTA buy order has been activated at $11.5 as proposed and it is now part of the portfolio.



  3. Nano One $NNOMF entered the portfolio at $75.02, the weekly opening price.


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