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Nemaska Lithium – We buy the breakout above USD 1.5

Nemaska Lithium is a Canadian lithium company listed on TSX (Symbol NMX), in Francfort (Symbol: Not), and in the US on the OTCQX (Symbol: NMKEF).


Nemaska Lithium Multi-Timeframe Price Chart

We consider buying the breakout of NMKEF with a STOP LIMIT order with the STOP set at $1.51 and the LIMIT not higher than $1.53. This means the buy order will be executed above the stop level but not higher than the limit price.

In case the buy order is executed NMKEF will enter into the C.A.T. virtual portfolio.


  1. Just posted on Twitter. Breakout happened yesterday.

  2. NEMASKA Lithium on Toronto Stock Exchange also closes the week with a breakout.

  3. Nemaska Lithium doing well


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