Quantum Minerals Corp., Investment Idea published on 18 Oct 2017

Five weeks ago we suggested to buy the break out of Quantum Minerals Corp. on TSX-V: (Symbol QMC, Toronto Stock Exchange) with a limit buy order at CAD 0.35:


QMC Venture Monthly Price Chart – Toronto Stock Echange

Buy Order Activated in the Days Following the publication of the Idea

During the following 10 days there were multiple tests of the 0.35 level that was also temporarily violated. Any buy order placed at the level indicated have been executed. In the two weeks that followed the price started to lift off massively.

QMC Venture Daily Price Chart – Multiple buy opportunities at CAD 0.35

Price has been multiplied four times since the idea was published

Then by the close of last week on 24 Nov 2017, only five weeks after the idea was published, the price of the QMC stock price has been multiplied four times.

QMC Venture Weekly Price Chart – Price multiplied 5x since idea was published 5 weeks ago

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