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Clean Commodities Corp Announces Financing and Its Stock Rises Almost 300% in Two Days


Reuters reported – without providing any details – a new financing operation for Clean Commodities Corporation:

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November 30, 2017 / 4:40 PM

BRIEF-Clean Commodities Corp Announces Financing


CLE Monthly Price Chart

Contrarily to previous spikes the technical conditions now seem extremely positive for a continuation to the upside such as the massive volume increase (framed) from the last six months and the expected monthly MACD crossing signal (circled). We should expect to now see CLE stock price overcoming the critical CAD 0.15-0.17 resistance area over the next few months to race into the next resistance area corresponding to the historical CAD 0.27 price record.

How to Invest in Clean Commodities Corp?

Our readers could have already bought CLE stock back in October at a price of CAD 0.085 or lower. New entrants could still buy at the present price or be looking for any minor pullback in the CAD 0.10 area to open a position.

Disclosure: I am long CLE at an average price of CAD 0.101

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