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Important Modifications to Long Term Equity Portfolio

Long Term Portfolio

Positions will now be added to Open Long Term Positions, Closed Long Term Positions and Portfolio Breakout Candidates.

As most positions have not yet been added to the portfolio but some important actions need to be undertaken we mention them here.

Changes To Be Applied By The Weekly Opening

ADI, Analog Devices: The stop-loss is moved to break-even at $82

AUPH, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals: has been stopped out at $4.8

QMC, Quantum Mineral Corp.: Stop Loss is moved to Break-Even (CAD 0.35)

OLN, Olin Corp.: The break-out is not convincing due to a lack of volumes. The position will be closed at the weekly opening, which means we should get out at break-even more or less.

WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment: It is time to take nice profits and position is to be closed at the weekly opening. The bull run has not been convincing so far as there has been no volume increase after the breakout.


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