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Receive 1000 Free BL∆KCoins cryptocurrency – Offer Elapsed

BL∆KWallet and BL∆KCoin

In 2018, besides the BL∆KWallet the new & novel cryptocurrrency called BL∆KCoin will be launched.

Just like the wallet, it will be End2End Encrypted, with P/FPS, hardware binding encryption, multi threaded, multi cipher with DNA style encryption and pre/post quantum immunity.

Anonymous, untraceable, unbreakable & non-hackable, it will be one of a kind & unbeatable.

Receive 1000 Free BL∆KCoins cryptocurrency

Offer is valid only until December 31, 2017 11:59PM

In order to raise the awareness and to show how much the founders trust it and the technology they are designing (patent pending, of course) they decided to offer everyone 1,000 free future BL∆KCoins.

Here’s how to register to get them (it’s all free, no money or identity needed):

  1. Download Wickr Me Secure Messenger
  2. Send a message via Wickr to: BLAKFX
    with the following text: “send me 1000 free BLKC

Once the cryptocurrrency and the BL∆KWallet are released you will receive a message via Wickr to download the wallet. Then 1000 BL∆KCoins will be deposited in your wallet.

That’s it!!!!

All requests after the deadline will be ignored.

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