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LiCo Energy Metals – Playing the Breakout from 15-Year Long Foundation

LiCo Energy Metals Inc.

LiCo Energy Metals is a junior Lithium and Cobalt mining company that presents itself as:

a grassroots Canadian company that conducts exploration for metals used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. Exploration of these metals has become critical in the face of surging demand for electric vehicles, cell-phones, and many other modern devices. LiCo Energy Metals has four ongoing projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions within Canada, United States, and Chile.

LiCo on the Stock Market

The LiCo stock is traded on:

15-Year Long Foundation Stage

Charting the Canadian LiC stock on a logarithmic price scale reveals a descending resistance line that has been capping the stock price since 2002, an impressive 15-year long foundation stage. This is combined with a rising support from the end of 2012 to build a contracting triangle pattern. As the price is being compressed towards the apex of the triangle higher volumes are developing, which is a good predictor of higher prices coming.


LiCo Energy Monthly Price Chart


Lithium and Cobalt Assets for the Electric Vehicle Market

LiCo Energy Metals is one the few energy metal companies with both Lithium and Cobalt mining projects in friendly jurisdictions within Canada, United States, and Chile:

These project are all aiming at developing battery-grade lithium or cobalt for the booming electric vehicle market.

Investing in LiCo Energy Minerals

The combination of promising development perspectives and constructive charting technicals are strongly convincing and conducive to investing into LiCo Energy Metals.

We like to buy LiC on the Toronto Stock Exchange whereas the breakout above the descending resistance line should unleash a major long term bullish potential.

Our Strategy will now be detailed in the Long Term Portfolio.

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