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Palladium closing the year at $1,061 per ounce will soon hit a glass ceiling at $1,100

Palladium outperforms any other metal in 2017

A 2017 snapshot of relative performance shows that Palladium has outperformed almost anything else from commodities to indices via currencies and bonds with a stellar 55% yearly increase:


2017 Comparative Performance

Palladium all-time record at $1,100 per ounce in Jan 2001

HES Radio explains that:

The price of Platinum in 1996 was approx. $430.00 an ounce and the price of Palladium was approx. $160.00 an ounce. It was at that time that automakers switched to catalytic converters made with Palladium, sending the price of Palladium sky-rocketing to $1100.00 an ounce, exceeding the price of Platinum at $600.00 an ounce.

Historical Palladium Chart

Palladium price near to its historical price record

With a yearly close at $1,061.5 (chart below) the Palladium price is now coming close to its all-time price record that should act as a glass ceiling. It would be surprising to see it directly cross strait through this level at which it should stall instead and some extent of consolidation is expected instead.


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