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How to Make 1,400% Profit ( x14 ) in Four Weeks by Buying Ripple at the Bottom and Selling it at the Top

First, Identify a Favorable Technical Set-Up

On 14 Nov 2017 we published:

RIPPLE should be ripping higher and outperform Bitcoin

Second, Define a Strategy

in which the following strategy was elaborated:

It looks like a good idea to buy Ripple at the present price level and to accept the risk of around 15% loss (from $0.21 to $0.18) for a minimum profit of close to 50% (first target at $0.3) or 100% (second target at $0.4).

If this bullish scenario develops Ripple should eventually take out its historical price record and therefore a buy-and-hold strategy could also apply.



Please note that the Ripple price was $0.21 when the above analysis was published.

Third, Expect a Fundamental News to Trigger the Move

Then on 16 Nov 2017 the bull trend took off following a breaking news as was updated via our Twitter account:


Fourth, Remain Undaunted By The Challenge Ahead

On 26 Nov 2017 we published:

Ripple – The Beast Will Be Unleashed Above $0.4

The proposed trade idea was:

Ripple needs first to overcome $0.3 and $0.4 before the beast can be unleashed.
This will certainly not happen overnight but it is certainly not a bad idea to be long Ripple at the present level. The bullish case will remain valid as long as the price stays above the lower rising triangle boundary.



On 28 Nov 2017 we commented:


Finally on 13 Dec 2017 we published:

Ripple Sets A New Price Record At $0.45

Fifth, Expect Some Roadblocks on Your Path

This is when:

Ripple reversed abruptly and raced up breaking all resistances on its path and taking out the previous historical top at $0.4 to a new record price of $0.45:


and soon there after that:


Sixth, Run the Trend

But this did not happen since there was:


Seventh, Identify Your Price Target

Following up on this trade on 3 Jan 2017 we announced:


Replying to a follower’s comment we also confirmed that:


Soon there after we added:

Eighth, Exit in Due Time

Finally when the Ripple price was closing in to the target we sold our position.
There could hardly have been a better exit since the daily high of yesterday and so far all-time high was marked at $3.317:



Ninth, Draw Your Accounting

To summarize on this trade we bought at an average price of $0.23 and sold at an average price of $3.25, meaning that we booked a 1,400%+ profit (almost x15 actually) on this trade in solely four weeks:


Ripple – Buy the bottom – Sell the top


and which can also be summed up with:


Ripple Trade – Booking times 14+ profits in



Better even, this trade idea with a full follow-up and updates has been shared for free to our blog readers and Twitter followers to get inspired from and with multiple warnings about the coming uptrend when the Ripple price was in the $0.21 to $0.22 price area before the rally started and with a live exit signal published yesterday.

This is also not the first time we share our own trade activities that have returned massive profits such as 561% in five weeks on $HMNY (closed) and more running trades in our Long Term Portfolio.

So in order to make 1,400% (x14) Profit in Four Weeks by Buying Ripple at the Bottom and Selling it at the Top, simply look at what we are doing and subscribe to our blog and follow us via our Twitter account.

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