Time is short to make a detailed review so let us simply highlight the adjusted stop levels on the open positions, which for many of them have been tightly moved up (since we have long positions only for now).

Most importantly we want to close QMC (Quantum Materials Corp.) at the open.

If time permits we will update this review later on.

ADI: $82
BCRMF: $1.247 / BCN: C$1.54
BVN: $13.6 (BE) / Target $17
BYDDY: $15.7 (BE)
CCU: $27.8
DJIFF: $0.98
EDIT: $25 (BE)
KALV: $9.8
KURA: $13.8
LIC: CAD 0.11 is the December low that should hold on a close basis
LIX: CAD 2.41 / Takeover price CAD 2.61 / Shareholder meeting on 6 Feb 2018
MHID: $11.6
NTEC: $4.8
MZOR: $48.7
MGX: $0.91 BE
MYOK: $42.4
NNOMF: $0.8 BE
NMKEF: $1.1 is M20M that should not break
QMC: close position at open
SHI: $59.8