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Positions recently closed

2018.03.13 | DAJIN Resources Corp. | 22.5% Profit

2018.03.28 | BYD Company Limited | Breakeven

2018.04.02 | Kura Oncology | 37.2% Profit

2018.04.06 | Myokardia | 5.4% Profit

Positions To Be Closed

Buenaventura Mining Co.

BVN in our long term portfolio reached long term resistance levels on both the quarterly and yearly price chart. We will close the position by the opening of the week on Monday, 23 Apr 2018.

Peabody Energy Corp. (Short)

Peabody Energy Corp. (Symbol: BTU) is the only short position in our Long Term Portfolio. We said it should be closed if the price moved back up above $40 but never instructed to actually close it. Since the technical configuration made us believe the move above $41 was temporarily we maintained the position. Now that the BTU price is up again just below the falling trend line we will close the position at breakeven with a $38.8 stop order just above the last daily candle.

Adjusted Stop Orders

Editas Medicine

Editas Medicine (Symbol: EDIT) in our long term portfolio is climbing a steep support and we now move the stop order at $30.5, which is just below the recent weekly wick that contacted the rising trend line at $30.56 and also below the rising 30-period moving average.

XCerra Corp.

XCERRA (Symbol: XCRA) in our long term portfolio is nicely up but it is time to move the stop order to $10 breakeven price (or slightly higher).

Positions That Will Be Updated Soon

LiCo Energy Metals Inc.

Cobalt, Copper and Zinc Miner Aeon Metals Ltd. Setting Up for a Run-up, will enter in the Long Term Portfolio

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