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This chart shows the MZOR stock long position update on request of one of our readers via Twitter. Due to lack of time and system to follow-up on the model portfolio we decided to remove the Portfolio menu from the C.A.T. website and no longer update the portfolio items although they remain accessible. In the case of MZOR nothing has changed since the last update on 10 March 2018 with a proposed stop order at the $48.7 level in the portfolio item, which is $11 above the $37.58 entry price. The long term trend remains bullish and it would be good to take profit in case the rising support (blue line) breaks, in which case the price would be heading in direction of the long term moving average (green line). But we give a low probability to this scenario and most probably the trend higher will resume above the blue line. From a pure Weinstein perspective the actual price level at which any long term position should be closed is below the previous intermediate low, below the moving average and below any round number and this all corresponds to $29.4 and just n case it happens any move below $40 would be good to buy with this stop level in mind.

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