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nanoOne Materials Corp. (NNO / NNOMF) on a Critical Zone

nanoOne Materials Corp. – A Canadian company engaged in developping an industrial process to produce energy storage materials for electric batteries – had previously launched an upward trend resumption signal.

TSX-V:NNO Weekly Price Chart – 8 Feb 2019

Unfortunately this signal went unconfirmed and the price consolidation resumed thereafter.

TSX-V NNO Weekly Price Chart – 24 May 2019

As can been seen on the chart the risk is for a break of the rising wedge support to trigger a deep sell-off that could possibly result in another price halving towards the CAD 0.7 price area. Stock holders may not want to stick too long to their positions when the identified support price level is broken and may envisage to sell their shares if CAD 1.19 is broken on a close basis.

TSX-V NNO Live Weekly Price Chart

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