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Before / After Analysis – Deutsche Bank – August 2017

In August 2017 we published the article:

Obviously our sell signal was premature since we missed the last corrective move that brought up the price from $16 to $20 after a failed attempt to break below the identified support, which underlies the importance of placing stop-losses as proposed in the original analysis. Nevertheless the general market direction was correctly captured and once the corrective pattern had completed the bear trend resumed to reach the proposed $11 price target May 2018.

Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: $DB) – Weekly Price Chart – August 2017
Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: $DB) – Weekly Price Chart – May 2019

Two consolidation floors lower ($10.5 – $13 and $7.5 – $9.5) there is still no end in sight for the bear trend of this weighty stock.

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