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Quanterix Buy Signal

Quanterix (NASDAQ: QTRX) develops ultra-sentitive immunoassay platform and tools for life science research and diagnostics.

In a dynamic view the stock is in a positive uptrend on all time scales although with a relatively short price history since it is listed since December 2017. It is breaking dynamically outside of the upper volatility band on both the daily and weekly time scales with a positive non-crossover signal of the weekly moving averages (7 + 20 periods). Once it breaks the $26.5 level of the previous all-time-high there no more overhead resistance and it will move into virgin price territory with an initial upside potential in the $33 area.

Dynamic Volatility QTRX Price Chart – Daily + Weekly + Monthly
Quantarix ATD

The stock strength is confirmed by its positive correlation with the NASDAQ and a major trading volume increase over the last week, which are very positive signs.

Weekly Volume + Relative Strength QTRX Price Chart

We are buyer of QTRX at the open of today’s market session with a limit buy order.

The initial stop-loss order should be positioned slightly below $21 to be rapidly moved up just below $25 as soon as the bullish move is confirmed.

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