$ADABTC / $ADAXBT (Cardano/Bitcoin ratio) appears to be the next altcoin to recover or even pump. The signal will be confirmed when it breaks above 0.00001127, which corresponds to yesterday’s high, as the ratio is entrapped in a phase of minimum daily volatility and is stalling under a short term resistance (top yellow line on the chart).

We have identified this pair by scanning a large number of pairs for higher volumes of exchange on the Bittrex exchange and found that the ADABTC longer term volatility chart (not shown) uniquely displays a significant potential for reversing the previous downtrend.

Cardano/Bitcoin (Kraken: ADAXBT) Daily Price Ratio (Jun 12th 2019)

In order to take the trade it is necessary to first own Bitcoins and then to trade Bitcoins for Cardanos such as on Kraken or Bittrex*. A good way to protect the position would be by placing a stop order below the bottom rising support (bottom yellow line on the chart here above) and moving it up by following the price ratio when the uptrend gets confirmed.

ADABTC (Bittrex) Real Time Daily Price Chart

Disclaimer: we took a non-leveraged speculative long position on ADA/BTC.

*At one’s own risk of course, readers are referred to the disclaimer at the bottom of this site.