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Neptune Wellness Solutions Long Term Buy Signal

Neptune Wellness Solutions

Neptune Wellness Solutions (Nasdaq: NEPT) is a Wellness Products Company that specializes in the extraction, purification and formulation of cannabis products. and also provides customized turnkey solutions and specialty ingredients for the nutrition industry.

Volume, Strength and Trend

The weekly price chart shows a positive relative strength, increasing exchange volumes and a 30-period moving average that is turning higher. On the yearly price chart (box) resistance levels are $5.11 and $5.98 above which the upward movement should accelerate.

NEPT Weekly + Yearly Price Charts
Neptune Wellness Solution Weekly + Yearly Price Chart

Long Term Volatility Charts

The uptrend is confirmed by the quarterly and 6-months volatility price charts with diverging volatility bands and price crawling above the upper band on both timescales. It is expected for the up trending upper bands to propel the price higher by the start of the next quarterly and six-month periods starting July 1st, 2019.

NEPT Volatility 6-Month + Quarterly Price Charts
Neptune Wellness Solutions Volatility Quarterly + 6-Month Price Charts

Trade Set-up

NEPT is a clear buy and today’s move can be exploited to open long positions. This is what we did with a limit order and an average buying price of $4.73. At the time of posting the price is $4.76.

It is not easy to propose a clear stop order level due to possible fluctuations but ideally the stock price should not close below $4.25 on a weekly basis.

Considering the $0.3 All-Time-Low and the $5.1 breakout level an intermediate price target should be in the $10 area or a minimum of 100% profit potential from a medium term perspective.

Real Time Weekly Price Chart

NEPT Real Time Weekly Price Chart
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