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Before / After Analysis – AMD – March 2018

In March 2018 we published: Advanced Micro Devices (Symbol: AMD) Is Consolidating Its 2-Year Advance Within a Falling Monthly Wedge

and commented:

AMD is retracing its 2-year move from mid-2015 to July 2017 and looks good to buy at the bottom of the falling wedge. Another oscillation could happen inside the wedge but the next move should be another leg up when the stock price breaks out of the wedge, which should bring the AMD stock price above $20.
AMD Monthly Price Chart, March 20th 2018
AMD Monthly Price Chart

AMD stock price hit the bottom of the wedge, bounced at this level as expected and reached the minimum US$20 target by July 2018 only four months later, then overcoming this level rallied to $34 by September 2018 after two more months. The lines on the updated chart are unchanged from the original March 2018 chart.

AMD Monthly Price Chart, June 21st 2019
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