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Action to undertake by the start of the week

1. GSIT: Tighten up stop loss order

This week we don’t like the price action on GSIT that did not confirm the short term (daily signal) so that the dynamic uptrend propagation is now endangered. We won’t hesitate to close the trade at a minor loss if the price moves below last week’s low at $8.3 in order to avoid carrying over a loosing position and to divert funds to another opportunity.

2. Cancel Limit Buy Order on Avangrid

$AGR stock has receeded too far away from our bullish breakout level so that we now cancel the corresponding limit buy order.

3. Close Intrexon Long Trade

$XON is not demonstrating convincing bull power so that we now prefer to take full profit and close the position at the opening of today’s session after suggesting to take partial profits when nearing the upper weekly band under which it is now stalling. The downside risk is high and thus it is preferable to secure the gain.

Intrexon Weekly + Quarterly Price Chart