Artificial Intelligence Powered Investment Fund

The AI Powered International Equity ETF (NYSE: AIIQ) is not a fund made of stocks from companies with Artificial Intelligence activities but is comprised of International developed listed stocks and real estate investment trusts. The underlying fund investments in AIIQ are based on the results of proprietary quantitative models developed by Equbot with IBM Watson artificial intelligence.

All-Time-High Breakout Promising from a Long Term Perspective

The AIIQ ETF price has recently taken out its all-time-high resistance going back to its early trading history in June 2018.

AIIQ Weekly Price Chart by the Weekly Close of July 12th 2019

The ETF looks like an attractive investment support from a long to very long term perspective. We like to allocate an over-proportional amount of funds to this investment vehicle and will start with today’s trading session.

If it were required a reasonable stop loss level would be in the mid $23 below the May-June intermediate bottom.

AIIQ Real Time Weekly Price Chart