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#Chevron Corp. $CVX breaks above $126.4 today. Long trade has been activated as per our buy signal (

Q2 Results shore up The #Brinks Co. stock $BCO bull trend. There is no better trade than All-Time-High breakout in a trending market. We are in the trade since our buy signal below $84.7 (

Following #Brink’s buy signal ( we are long $BCO @ $84.6, $87.05. Weekly breakout & close above All-Time-High both reinforce confidence in the long trade. We may add to position on short term weakness if any.

Based on our signals to buy ( & to tighten up stop loss ( on #GSI #Technology $GSIT we bought at $8.697 & sold at $8.2744 when stop was activated for a 4.8% loss.

Based on our signals to buy ( & to take profit ( on #Intrexon $XON we bought at $4.88 & sold at $7.66 for a 57% gain in less than two months.

#Natural #Gas $NGXXXX bounce failed against $2.5 resistance. Nothing surprising considering long term bearish trend ( and lower bearish targets.

Following buy signal on #Chevron Corp. ( stop buy orders placed @ $126.41 (ours) or even $126.4 (from one of our readers) did not get executed. Scenario still active. $CVX should pop when it will break $126.4.

#Intrexon $XON does not convince below weekly band so that we now prefer to take full profit & secure gain by closing the position at the opening of today’s session (

$GSIT #GSI Technology didn’t confirm daily signal (, dynamic uptrend propagation endangered. Tighten up stop loss below $8.3 last week’s low.

After our buy signal (, #Amarant #Bancorp $AMTB went up, down, up & down again. Now announcing redemption of securities ( it should hold above original stop level. If still in the trade keep long position if weekly close above $17

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