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ExxonMobil (Symbol: XOM) Now Flashing A Monthly Bear Signal, Should Re...

XOM Monthly Price Chart

Yearly Topping Pattern On 25 Feb we reported about a probable long term reversal pattern forming on the XOM yearly price chart (stock price adjusted for dividend payments): Confirmation Bear Market Signal on the Daily Time Frame On 7 March we identified a continuation bear market signal on the daily time frame: XOM Now Triggering […]

Exxon Mobil the Lame Oil Duck Limping Uphill Out of Breath vs. Alberma...

Peak Oil Demand Coming to an End Sooner Rather than Later Would you invest in a sector that has experienced a 10-year average demand growth rate of 1% (light gray line on the chart here below) – which is far below the global GDP growth rate – and is farther declining, while competing transportation  and […]

Are the Gold and Silver Bulls Really Pawing The Ground Before Charging...

Higher Gold To Silver Ratio is Bad for Precious Metals For unclear reasons the Gold-To-Silver ratio is usually considered moving opposite to the direction of individual Gold and Silver prices with Gold outperforming Silver. Not searching for an explanation but from purely technical considerations we posited early December that the ratio will move higher with […]

Quantum Minerals Corp. – Major Break Out from Foundation for this Litt

Quantum Minerals Corp. – Major Break Out from Foundation for this Little Known Junior Lithium Mining Company

How one my most incredible trading error turned out to become one of my most successful trades I should never have known about Quantum Minerals Corp. if it were not for a review article about another company with a very close name, Quantum Materials Corp. and presented with the acronym QMC, which moved me back […]

Follow-up on offered strategies

Follow-up on offered strategies

Follow-up On Offered Strategies Everything on this blog is FREE and should stay so. For the sake of transparency and clarity we will strive to progressively improve the way the follow-up is done. Investment and trading strategies and recommendation are made for various asset classes such as stocks, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious and energy […]