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Despite Short Term Oversold Condition Cardano ( Symbol: ADA ) Could Sl...

ADAUSD Weekly Price Chart Technically Cardano (calculated as ADAUSD) is a loosing investment proposition from its inception. The long upper spikes end of 2017 and early 2018 signal massive selling power. The subsequent recovery failed against the moving average in April this year and the pair is now capped by the declining 7-period moving average […]

Cryptocurrencies Short Term Bounce: What Are The Price Targets?


Cryptocurrencies Bouncing As posted two days ago in Monthly Bitcoin Price Bubble Popping: Wake Me Up When 2018 Ends! we proposed: Short term the Bitcoin price seems oversold and may soon develop a relief rally that traders may want to exploit but that is possibly a premature decision for long term investment. Just today cryptocurrencies confirm […]