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Bitcoin Bear Returns Below $12,000

Bitcoin Reaches Previously Identified Resistance Area Below $12,000 The $12,000 price was previously mentioned as a significant level and the target of the bull retrace: Conjunction of Resistance Lines on the Weekly Price Chart No sooner had this resistance level been reached than a bear move set in. On the weekly chart we observe that […]

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? Of Course It Is!


What Is A Bubble? From a technical chart viewpoint, a bubble is a specific pattern of the volatility envelop that resembles, well! a bubble…   What does match best the actual Bitcoin price volatility pattern? Of course, it is the bubble shape on the left part of the above gallery: What is the consequence? Once […]

The Anatomy of a Bitcoin Crash


The unpredictable crash Unrealistic statements such as on one side “Bitcoin will reach USD 1 Million” or on the other side “Nobody could predict this happening” or “it’s a fool’s errand to predict the Bitcoin crash” have populated cryptocurrency forums and social networks lately. Nobody could predict… Well! Not exactly. We warned all the way […]

Zcash ( Symbol: ZEC ) – Zbig Move Up Coming


Which Cryptocoin to buy? For the time being our choice of Cryptocurrencies we are trading is limited to those available on the Kraken platform, which only offers a narrow selection of larger market cap coins. At the time of posting this comprises the following coins: You can trade Bitcoin(XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero […]