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EURAUD Has Massive Upside After It Broke...

Breakout Above 9-Year Resistance On 28 Feb we identified a major breakout on the EURAUD forex pair and commented the monthly price chart with: The pair broke out above a nine-year falling resistance (blue line) and has traded within a narrow range for the last three years similar to what happened from 2005 to 2008. […]

EURUSD scenario follow-up – What we deli

EURUSD scenario follow-up – What we delivered and what is to come

Predicting the corrective move In our initial analysis titled “EURUSD – Time has come for a dearly needed correction” we posited that a correction should take place on the pair due to the price meeting a strong resistance area on the yearly, quarterly and monthly time frames: And therefore the following corrective move was suggested […]

Follow-up on offered strategies

Follow-up on offered strategies

Follow-up On Offered Strategies Everything on this blog is FREE and should stay so. For the sake of transparency and clarity we will strive to progressively improve the way the follow-up is done. Investment and trading strategies and recommendation are made for various asset classes such as stocks, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious and energy […]

EURUSD – Time has come for a dearly need

EURUSD – Time has come for a dearly needed correction

Following a prolonged bull run the EURUSD pair finally meets with a lead cover as it receded after hitting the yearly and quarterly moving averages (circled on the corresponding price charts here below): It has also formed a weekly dark cloud cover after encountering the upper volatility envelop boundary (circle on the weekly price chart […]

TRYJPY – Buy the breakout above 32.2

TRYJPY – Buy the breakout above 32.2

In previous posts I mentioned the probability for a longer term trend reversal in the USDTRY and EURTRY pairs to the downside. Therefore it is less about the Euro or the Greenback turning weaker but more about a battered down Turkish Lira regaining strength that should as well naturally be reflected in other currency pairs […]

EUR/CHF – The Swiss Franc Lowers its Gua

EUR/CHF – The Swiss Franc Lowers its Guard against the Euro Trooper

Let’s address the $EUR/CHF pair from a dynamic technical analysis viewpoint with a multiple time frame approach. It may look a bit complex and somewhat too technical for the layman but with some explanations it will become very clear. The graph presented is on a closing basis from Thursday, August 17 2017; by the time […]

EURTRY – Something must yield!

EURTRY – Something must yield!

In a previous post I mentioned the extremely overbought condition of the $USDTRY pair. The situation is not any different regarding the $EURTRY pair. Therefore it appears that the turkish Lira should be close to ending its multi-year decline since August 2012 (bottom left of the chart) and is on the verge or recovering some […]

Turkish Lira – massively oversold agains

Turkish Lira – massively oversold against the US Dollar

The $USDTRY pair appears to be extremely overbought on longer time frames, which in other terms means that the Turkish Lira is massively oversold against the Greenback. On the six-month time frame this overbought condition is accompanied by a shooting star candle, which is a strong indication that the uptrend should stall (for the least) […]