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GSI Technology Buy Signal

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We are buying GSI Technology (Symbol: GSIT) at the opening on June 24th 2019 with a limit order set at $8.7. $GSIT closed last week at $8.63. The initial stop loss should be placed below $7.8. The motive for this long trade is the dynamic GSIT price trend propped up by the moving average, the […]

Battery Barrier Busted

Battery Barrier Busted Jan. 2, 2018 1:19 PM ET About: Nano One Materials Corp. (NNOMF) Randy Carlson A small, public startup company in Canada has developed (and patented) just such a process, and that process works well with a variety of lithium-ion cathode materials. The company, Nano One (OTCPK:NNOMF) has built a pilot scale plant […]

Editas Medicine – Accumulation phase

Editas Medicine – Accumulation phase

Editas Medicine ( Nasdaq: $EDIT ) is a gene editing company at the leading edge of the revolutionary CRISPR technology. The rising exchange volumes on the weekly scale has the hallmarks of rising interest and shares accumulation, whereas the relative strength is also progressively rising and should soon turn positive. Last week the price broke […]