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There Are Over 1,000 Alternatives to Bit...

1,000 Alternatives to Bitcoin The article, There Are Over 1,000 Alternatives to Bitcoin You Ha€™ve Never Heard Of, reports Altcoins to be preferred over Bitcoin and concludes that Bitcoin ” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon”: Hardforks: Bitcoin Cash doing away with Bitcoin’s Segregated Witness, which reduces the size of a transaction by removing the signature data, […]

Zcash ( Symbol: ZEC ) – Zbig Move Up Com


Which Cryptocoin to buy? For the time being our choice of Cryptocurrencies we are trading is limited to those available on the Kraken platform, which only offers a narrow selection of larger market cap coins. At the time of posting this comprises the following coins: You can trade Bitcoin(XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero […]

Receive 1000 Free BL∆KCoins cryptocurren


BL∆KWallet and BL∆KCoin In 2018, besides the BL∆KWallet the new & novel cryptocurrrency called BL∆KCoin will be launched. Just like the wallet, it will be End2End Encrypted, with P/FPS, hardware binding encryption, multi threaded, multi cipher with DNA style encryption and pre/post quantum immunity. Anonymous, untraceable, unbreakable & non-hackable, it will be one of a […]

Cryptocurrencies – All charts from USD p

Cryptocurrencies – All charts from USD pairs on

Cryptocurrencies on In the following review we are assessing the price charts of all cryptocurrencies tradable on Kraken against the US dollar.  Those cryptocurrencies that can only be exchanged against other cryptocurrencies – such as DOGE, ICN and MLN – are ignored for now. Whenever a buy suggestion is made always use a stop-loss […]